Gevo Aelian is an architecture graduate with a motivation for innovating social change by using available resources, knowledge, and technical skills. He designs spaces that encourage the progression of the human condition and influence the state of our environment. Aelian aspires to create concepts that the common individual may relate to by making his designs and spaces more personalized and understandable. He strives to produce projects that are simple enough to where the overall concept can be illustrated diagrammatically; but complex enough to derive spatial depth as it shows an experience. Aelian’s design philosophy is driven from his passion for progressive architects such as: Rem Koolhaas, Bjarke Ingles, and Coy Howard. Architecture is essentially a building. However, by making the space more personal and intimate, Aelian attempts to create a lasting impression to the general public who experiences his work. “Architecture is an aesthetic experience which is created through ones interaction of sensory perception and personal values. Architecture is not just a building, but it is an experience.”