Advice to Young Architects

As an Architectural designer in the 21st century one must remember, ‘to be true to yourself and always follow your intuition when making important design choices.’ Being an architect in today’s world is extremely tough, especially since most ideas have been constructed. By being yourself and not looking over your shoulder, you begin to understand yourself more as a designer and create something original. Nobody knows you like you know yourself; and you begin to understand that as a child. It’s a shame that as children, we were molded by what society wanted us to be. As a designer in this modern age, it is important to always be innovative with creativity. A great way to implement this is to reminisce upon our childhood memories. Looking back to your childhood, think about the times you have heard your parents confront you saying something like, “No sweetheart, don’t hold the banana to your ear and say hello, that’s not a phone, it’s  fruit.” Maybe you have not come across that kind of scenario, but a similar one that you come back to where you were corrected.  I come back to this point because creativity is lead strongly as a child. Who is to say that a banana can’t be a toy or the imagination that a car can’t be a plane? Where did all the limitations come from? Society is prone to kill off creativity; instead we need to put our focus as to how we can bring forth innovative techniques to enhance one’s progression as a designer. Successful designers in architecture are those who are brave, playful, and above all are not afraid to bend the rules.  Some of the greatest got turned down many times before they became extraordinarily well known. They were always eager to prove the next person wrong and in return became prestigious. Architecture deals with all aspects of an individual’s life; it consumes one for the better and gives one a new perspective in the world.  It challenges visualization and everyday life experiences. One should not be afraid of challenging their outspoken ideas and should always aim to think outside the box. As a designer, one should try to see things differently and pursue their creativity on diverse levels that haven’t been reached yet. In doing this, the designer will find his or her purpose in architecture and will heighten their career. The tools that have guided me in standing out as an architectural designer were being true to myself and my childhood memories. I am very grateful for the experiences that have come my way; and the person I have become today is because I strongly know what my beliefs are in architecture.